End of Life Conversation Project Toolkit

Too many people are dying in a way they wouldn’t choose, and too many of their loved ones are left feeling bereaved, guilty, and uncertain. It’s time to transform our culture so we shift from not talking about dying to talking about it. It’s time to share the way we want to live at the end of our lives. And it’s time to communicate about the kind of care we want and don’t want for ourselves. We believe that the place for this to begin is at the kitchen table—not in the intensive care unit—with the people we love, before it’s too late.

Please find below some resources that can help. 

Conversation Project Brochure      

Your Conversation Starter Kit     

Your Conversation Starter Kit Summary Sheet     

Additional Resources from The Conversation Project and CCMC

CCMC Issue Brief: What we talk about when we talk about dying: Case Managers and End of Life Conversations