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The domains include:

Case Management Concepts

Administration and Leadership (2 CEs)

Case Management Concepts (2 CEs)

Care Coordination (2 CEs)

Communication Skills of the Case Manager (2 CEs)

Transitions of Care (5 CEs)

Case Management Concepts:  Motivational Interviewing (2 CEs) 

Case Management Knowledge 

Case Management Knowledge (2 CEs)

Case Management Process

Assessing (4 CEs)

Communicating Post Transition (2 CEs)

Evaluating Phase (3 CEs)

Following Up (2 CEs)

Implementing: Care Coordination (2 CEs)

Planning (4 CEs)

Case Management Process (2 CEs)

Screening (2 CEs)

Stratifying Risk (3 CEs)

Transitioning (2 CEs)

Healthcare Management & Delivery

Healthcare Management & Delivery (1 CE)

Case Management Programs and Models (2 CEs)

Healthcare Reimbursement

Healthcare Reimbursement (1 CE)

Utilization Management (2 CE)

Principles of Practice

Principles of Practice (2 CEs)

Ethical Standards for Case Management Practice – Part I: Review of the CCMC Code of Professional Conduct for Case Managers (3 Ethics CEs)

Ethical Standards for Case Management Practice – Part II: Practice Considerations for the CCMC Standards for Professional Conduct (4 Ethics CEs)

Professional Development & Advancement

Professional Development & Advancement (2 CEs)

Value of Case Management (Approach to CM) (2 CEs)

Value of Case Management (Intro to CM) (2 CEs)

Psychosocial Aspects of Care

Psychosocial Aspects of Care (2 CEs)

Social Determinants of Health (2 CEs)


Rehabilitation (2 CEs)

Vocational Rehabilitation (2 CEs)

Essentials of Workers' Compensation (6 CEs)

Disability Case Management, Catastrophic Case Management, and Life Care Planning (2 CEs)

Additional Webinars Available

Four-years post-ACA: The evolving role of the case manager (1 CE)

Measuring Care Coordination: Tools for today, tools for tomorrow (1 CE)

Coordinated Care and Comprehensive Medication Management: Case Management’s Critical Role (1 CE)

Healthy in Mind, Body and Spirit: The Case Manager’s Role in Behavioral Healthcare Integration (1 CE)

Care Transitions: Evidence-Based Best Practices for Case Managers (1 CE) 

Engage, Empower, Enhance, Enable: Tools for Measuring Quality in Case Management (1 CE)

Patient Engagement Strategies: Getting to “Yes” in Patient Engagement (1 CE)

Collaborating for Care: Embedded Case Managers, Extending Case Management Value (1 CE)

The Latest on Patient Privacy Rights: Consumers and Electronic Access to Health Data (1 CE)

Effective Communication: Navigating Delicate Conversations (1 CE)

Do the Right Thing: Excellence and Ethics in Case Management (1 Ethics CE)

Assessment for Social Determinations of Health: CDC’s ACE Question Set (1 CE)

Demystifying Certification for Health Care Case Management (1 CE)

The Triple Aim for Hospital Case Management: Population Health (1 CE)

Trends and challenges: Case Managers Tackle the Opioid Epidemic (1 CE)

From Hospital to Community: Changes, Challenges and Solutions in Case Management (1 CE)